Average mph calculator

This calculation will help you to calculate your average speed when you have traveled a certain distance in a certain amount of time. This could be the last time

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Running Pace and Speed Calculator

The calculator returns a speed in km/h from a distance and a time, or a pace (time needed to run 1 kilometer).

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Average SPEED Calculator (online)

You can use the above average speed formula calculator, as it helps you to know how it calculates the speed.

Calculate Speed

Calculate Average Speed - Vm = Δs/Δt - Vm = Δ40 km / Δ4 hours = 10 km/h - 3.5 km/h x 10 km/h = 35 km - Vm = 35 km / 3.5 km/hour = 10 hours - Vm = Δ35 km / 10 hours

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