Roots in quadratic equation

The roots of a quadratic equation can be classified according to the following criteria: 1. Real or imaginary. Rational or irrational. Equal or

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Theoretical Properties of Second Degree Equations

What is a quadratic root? Roots refer to those values that make a function or polynomial take zero value. For this

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Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Formula

Demonstration of the properties of second degree equations: factoring, obtaining equations with certain roots, equations with

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Quadratic Function

The roots of the quadratic equation are the values where the parabola crosses the x-axis. We can check this by looking at the graph of the function and see that the

Math: Quadratic Equations with One Variable

We call roots of a quadratic equation with one unknown to the two values: X1 and X2 , if they exist, of the unknown " X " for which the equality of the equation is true. We can verify graphically the existence of the two roots, if we observe that the parabola cuts the abscissa axis.

Finding Roots of a Quadratic Function

Given the roots of a quadratic equation, you will learn how to determine the quadratic equation.

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